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Reimbursement Information

Patients who are unable to take their medication on the prescribed schedule (noncompliers) are a major cost to insurers. Those who take less than 80% of the prescribed doses (about 75% of patients) have more frequent hospitalizations and ER visits, and are likely to need more expensive medical care sooner.

If your organization is paying for a patient's medications, you owe it to both your patients and your management to minimize overall costs by assuring that each patient derives the benefit of the prescribed medication. ProsperSafe Addiction Recovery Products have been shown to significantly improve clinical outcomes for example see Impact of an Electronic Medication Compliance Aid on Long-Term Blood Pressure Control J Clin Pharmacol. 1992;32:277-283

ProsperSafe is not a Medicare Provider and does not bill Medicare. If you are a Medicare recipient you assume complete financial responsibility for your purchases.

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