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e-pill Tamper Resistant Pill Storage Kitchen Safe

e-pill Tamper Resistant Pill Storage Kitchen Safe
e-pill Tamper Resistant Pill Storage Kitchen Safe
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Product Description

e-pill Tamper Resistant Pill Storage Kitchen Safe
The e-pill KitchenSafe is a Pill Box with a Tamper Resistant Lock for practical self-control. Tamper Resistant storage of Pain Pills, Medical Marijuana, Fentanyl Patches, Methadone Bottles, Sleeping Pills, and Narcotic Pain Medicine including PRN Medications.

Simple to Use Safe with Self Controlled Timer Lock: With the e-pill Kitchen Pill Safe all you do is put your pain medications or regular medicines inside the clear bucket, set the timer (in Minutes, Hours, Days from 1 minute to 10 days), close the lid, and you are locked out until the interval timer reaches zero.

**Please Note there is NO Key Override- Once locked, the e-pill Kitchen Safe will not unlock until the timer reaches zero.**

How it Works:
  • Place your medications / items in the e-pill Kitchen Safe (heavy duty Plexiglass container).
  • Set the Timer Rotate the dial to desired Interval Time (Minutes, Hours, Days). Maximum is 10 Days.
  • Press Dial to activate the lock.
  • Close the Lid. Done!

Use the e-pill Kitchen Pill Safe to control Rx Medications such as Anti-Psychotics, Pain Meds taken as needed, Medical Marijuana or even Cigarettes / Alcohol (keep tobacco / alcohol in a pad locked tool box and keep the key in the e-pill Kitchen Pill Safe).

Keep your medications (or other items) safe from kids, grandchildren, roommates, and people working in your home. Every day more Kitchen Pill Safes are sold, and every day we hear more ways people are using them.

The e-pill Kitchen Pill Safe is constructed using high quality, BPA free, food grade materials. The timer is easy to set and the display is easy to read. Batteries are included with your purchase.

A Note on Tamper-Resistance: The e-pill Kitchen Safe was designed to be a deterrent, not an industrial safe. If temptation is too strong, you can break the base (it will crack). If this happens, you can buy a replacement base.

Size: The 8 inch (high) x 6 1/4 inch x 6 1/4 inch. Clear container is built using durable plastic and the walls are about 3 times thicker than your typical plastic container.

Lock Timer: : Interval from 1 minute to 10 days (you can set Minutes, Hours and Days)

Batteries: 2 x AAA Batteries (included). Battery Life: 6 Months under normal use.

All ProsperSafe Products come with a 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee and a 1 Year Warranty.

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