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Frequently Asked Questions

Locked Automatic Pill Dispenser
Time-released Medicine Dispenser

What is an Automatic Pill Dispenser?

Our Automatic Pill Dispenser / Automatic Pill Box / Electronic Pill Dispenser is a simple, easy-to-use device that only allows patients access to the right dose of medication at the right time. They are programmed to release medications (one or multiple times per day) on the same daily schedule each day.

The machine will play a melody when it is time for patients to take their medication and a light on top of the device will flash. They can then dispense medication for that time by turning the device 90 degrees. The machine is locked, so the patient cannot access the previous or the next dose.

How many days of medications will the Automatic Pill Dispenser hold?

  • 1 medication time per day – refill tray every 28 days (4 weeks)
  • 2 medication times per day – refill tray every 14 days (2 weeks)
  • 3 medication times per day – refill tray every 9 days
  • 4 medication times per day – refill tray every 7 days (refill once per week)
  • 5 medication times per day – refill tray every 5 days
  • 6 medication times per day – refill tray every 4 days

How heavy is the Pill Dispenser?

The e-pill Med-Time SAFE is 66 oz. The e-pill Med-Time PLUS is 17 oz.

How do I start with Automatic Pill Dispenser unit?

The unit comes with an easy to use step by step user manual and it is very easy to follow.

Do I need internet at home in order to activate Automatic Pill Dispenser unit?

No, the units run off of AA batteries, which are included with purchase.

How do I program Automatic Pill Dispenser to match my medication schedule?

The unit is setup and programmed by un-locking the unit and entering the current time, number of doses per day and at what time the meds are scheduled. Setup takes less than 10 minutes.

How Do The Pill Organizer Reminders Work?

When the scheduled time arrives, the inside tray will rotate and the alarm is turned on. Once the dispenser is turned upside-down (and the meds pour out landing in the patient's other open hand) the alarm is automatically shut off.

If the patient does not take their medication right away the alarm will continue for 30-60 minutes depending on the model.

If the patient is using the e-pill CompuMed the medication will fall into a pill-drawer, which can then be removed. The alarm on this machine will continue to sound ('never stops') until the medication is removed.

What if I would like to visit relatives or go for an extended vacation?

You can take the e-pill dispenser with you when you travel. Please DO NOT FORGET to bring the key.

Can I put my e-pill dispenser in my luggage?

Yes no problem. Just make sure you remove the batteries. Once you get to you destination you must set the time (all other settings are retained).

What about PRN medications?

The dispensers are designed to dispense medications taken on a fixed daily schedule only.

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